QOTW (Quote of the Week)

“Life is like a camera! focus on the good things”
Lucas R



Hey guys its hottopicmonthly and today I will be doing the brand new session ‘This is Where my name comes in!’ What I blog about in the session this is where my name comes in is what is trending and my updates cuz im KNOWN for my updates!

UPDATES: Nothin’ so far but I have no WIFI theese are all scheduled posts.

Trend: 2015!!!
I hope all you guys had a amazing year (2014) because I had one and I hope you have a amaze-amazing 2015!!! I know this post is super late and most likely filled with typos just

STAY CLASSY 🌟 cuz htm siging out


Hey guys its hottopicmonthly and I am so sorry but I am doing so many updates,
And dis is ANOTHER one of my updates, LES ALL GET THIS STRAIT NOW!!! *SASSYPOSE

No. 1 I will TRY to contact google how when you search up ‘hottopicmonthly’ it thinks the person typing hottopicmonthly is typing hot topic monthly and also when you click thie think below where it says ‘did you mean to say hot topic monthly?’ how it comes up with all of my accounts, The order it comes up in is:
Wiki page -dosent work-
JordanC’s interview of me -please follow him he is amazingly nice + he does awesome sace posts-
Friends post he made about me -quit WP-
My blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In other words *speechless errr… Umm

No. 2 I will have topics to post about on a certain day 😀 My topics will be:
‘This is where my name comes in’ :A session where I say what is trending in the world and I WILL listen to your suggestions you leave in the comments
‘QOTW -Quote of the week-‘ :A session where I get a quote, share it -Quote + Author- and you comment the meaning of the quote and I wont say on my quote posts my greeting and my end
Htm’s top 10’s :A session where I do TOPTENS!!! FABULUS

No. 3 I will scedual!!!

No. 4 I seariously love my followers so much and some day -no day- I hope, hope, hope -24 hours later *spongebob commentater voice- hope, hope, hope & hope I will have legit fangirls 💁 …DAMN

Please show your support by… WAIT! Who wants to listen to ten yearold? ‘COMMENT’ How much you hate me and pretend that ‘FAVOURITE’ Star is my face and you just wanna slap it and ‘REPOST’ It to your blog so your haters can hate on me and the ‘FOLLOW’ Button is the new hate button and I have alot of spare time….. RABIES

ios8 Widgets!

Hey guys it’s hot topic monthly and if you haven’t noticed with the new iOS 8 update you can and widgets to the bar where notifications are.

Have you ever wondered next to the notifications slot when you scroll down there was something saying widgets? Well now you can add widgets!

I have added a lot of widgets such as now I know a nice countdown how many views and how many visitors I’ve had on my blog, now have a calculator & I have a yahoo weather widget that tells me what is the weather of the area I am in!
Here is a picture:


Pretty cool huh? ANYWAYZ!

STAY BRAVE because Hottopicmonthly is sighing out!


Hey guys it’s Hawttopicmonthly and since its basically CHRISTMAS! I had to do a post about it!

I have no ideas for a Christmas post so I made a Christmas Board on Pinterest for you to see!!!

More will be added and the board will be deleted on May the first 2015!

or click the link if it does’nt work for you http://pinterest.com/hottopicmonthly/christmas/

Please like, comment or follow too encourage me too do more posts +
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Hey guys its Hottopicmonthly and sorry I have not been posting for a month because my parents have banned me off my ipad and on any games that use internet 😦 .

Luckily my parents have let me do a few blog posts and today I will write alot of posts but yet publish them on a different day!




Because htm signing out

New Emojis Comming Out?

Hey guys its hottopicmothly and I recently discoverd that there are going to be 250+ new emojis! Including the most wanted emoji the middle finger emoji!!!

I really hope there are some emo emojis and some hipster emojis too! I also want a faceplam and a crossing fingers because the praying hands emoji 🙏 just sometimes seems aqward to use! Agree with me?

Anyways I bet most of the emojis ar gonna be the most weird and ripped off emojis like a blushie face with a tini peice of sweat!

Oh well I still cant wait for these new emojis and join the conversation in the comments section, Like and please follow to make this guy happy 😑 !!!!!

Hottopicmonthly siging out 👌