Htm’s Top 10’s #2 + iOS Video Games

Hey guys it’s hottopicmonthly and today I am going to do a top 10 like I did one or two weeks ago, the top 10 topic is top 10 video games!but not any Video Games iOS video games, these games are very different to Video Games on a computer or a gaming system. LETS GO!

10. Snap City HD, Virtual World

9. Growtopia! 2D ,Multiplayer Minecraft (Now sadly greifers have kynda took over)

8. Aurasma, Its super fun making a IRL treasure hunt or getting billions of dinosaurs and making yourself poop bricks

7. Crossy Road = Hours of rage xD + Frogger like AND U CAN BE FREAKIN DOGE!!!!!!!

6. Sims FreePlay! (I quitted this game because I was getting addicted) I reviewed this on my rewiew blog so check that here
5. Cubic Castles, If Nintendo made mine craft it would be like this,
Is very fun and it is also Multiplayer, most of my games on Multiplayer because I love social

4. GraalOnline+. This eight bit game is very fun, you can get married, by a room, chat to people, and then as your friend, change how you look, fight to the death, Use science arrows and Barnes, turn into things like rats and ride horses . This game is amazing in general

3. Order of Chaos, this game is a fighting based game way you can fight massive bosses and complete quest with friends that ar online!!! This is so much like a computer game its not funny,

2. Moviestar planet! This game is a very fun, interesting, creative & social virtual world, you are a movie star with millions of players And you can make movies with other stars and make things called Art books,Art books are posters that you make on the game, you can also post photos of things and you can make your own clothes and you can also buy clothes, you can have a pet and also you can make your own room by buying furniture from the shop and placing it in your room, you can always change your look on the game in the shop, some shops are A general shop for clothing, music shop for your movies to put in the background, animation shop so when you are doing your movies you can animate and you can use these animations in the chat rooms, there is also a beauty salon where you can change your eyes lips and can become friends best friends and have a bestest friend on the game, Now let’s talk about these so called Catbird is the way you meet players and talk to them and use your animations, wow this is basically turning into a review! Please explore this game for yourself,

1. Minecraft PE!!! In this game never gets old, I am pretty sure you know this game because it is always number one on the App Store. I am talking about the full version with all types of stuff but you can purchase the free version.

Dats all for now,
STAY CLASSY 🌟 cuz Htm siging out!


Gettin’ into the Christmas SPIRIT!


*deep breath* I got everything in the room from the christmas mission on the sims and I have no door on the house because im unlocking it when it is christmas!

Pretty snazzy! Huh?
Cuz Hottopicmonthly signing out! 😀


ios8 Widgets!

Hey guys it’s hot topic monthly and if you haven’t noticed with the new iOS 8 update you can and widgets to the bar where notifications are.

Have you ever wondered next to the notifications slot when you scroll down there was something saying widgets? Well now you can add widgets!

I have added a lot of widgets such as now I know a nice countdown how many views and how many visitors I’ve had on my blog, now have a calculator & I have a yahoo weather widget that tells me what is the weather of the area I am in!
Here is a picture:


Pretty cool huh? ANYWAYZ!

STAY BRAVE because Hottopicmonthly is sighing out!


Hey guys it’s Hawttopicmonthly and since its basically CHRISTMAS! I had to do a post about it!

I have no ideas for a Christmas post so I made a Christmas Board on Pinterest for you to see!!!

More will be added and the board will be deleted on May the first 2015!

or click the link if it does’nt work for you

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Virtualspace vs WordPress

Hey guys it’s htm with a contest about two blogging sites and which one is better? I use both of these sites and they are both great so here we start.

Best Design: Virtual Space
Best Layout: WordPress
Best Poll Maker (They Both Make Polls) : Virtual Space
Bigger Community: WordPress
More Friendly: Virtual Space
Better Commenting System: Virtual Space ( They also have a messaging system)
More Fun: Virtual Space ( Because they have topics like Chain games, Anime & Creativity unlike WP, WP has topics like Events, Video and News)
Better Sharing: WordPress because it connects to other social medias
Better chance of getting popular: Virtual Space because you can make clubs example Anime Clubs
Better Hash tag system: VirualSpace

So it looks like VirualSpace won. Tell me if I should keep my word press blog or delete it and only use my VirualSpace blog, Keep Calm, Stay Strong htm signing out.


Hey it’s me hottopicmonthly with me on a thirty I subscribers channel!!! I’m so happy but it’s not really me it’s me on a game cubic castles where you build a world. The YouTuber is called Chris but his name on YouTube is phone card please subscribe to him. He plays growtopia and cubic castles and about of ios titles on twitch and YouTube.i will show you the video in a second but to tell you who I am I’m hottopicmonthly. You will see me follow phonecats on the game with his other fans. Here it is!!! Iknow u can’t see my actual face but my face lit up and the day after someone on the game recognised me from the video. CRAZY, but as always hottopicmonthly sighing out