Starting to go more professional?

Hey guys its htm and I am thinking of doing more professional posts and I need a topic to focus on my blog,
I need some help please tell me if you have the time to comment what I blog on most and the topic I blog on most will be the main topic of my blog!
I may also change my link to a better link that does not have the .WordPress at the end. And this will be a big change and it is also going to be hard for me to produce posts since my topic is limeted,

Thats all for now htm siging out!


Text, Tags, Video or Photo and more

Hey guys its htm with a series where I’m just going to chat and chat about anything including rants and more. question about my posts because I don’t have any ideas,Being that I’m 10 my parents won’t let me go on YouTube or twitch so that’s why my posts are getting boring, I feel like when I revealed my age people didn’t like me as much because my favorite blogger JordanC hasn’t replied to anything I say and he normally does that. We sometimes have a chat but not anymore. I need help with my post what one do you like better Text, Tags, Video or more like reviews.
This is it this is my first rant on my blog and I hope you enjoyed it htm diving out