Starting to go more professional?

Hey guys its htm and I am thinking of doing more professional posts and I need a topic to focus on my blog,
I need some help please tell me if you have the time to comment what I blog on most and the topic I blog on most will be the main topic of my blog!
I may also change my link to a better link that does not have the .WordPress at the end. And this will be a big change and it is also going to be hard for me to produce posts since my topic is limeted,

Thats all for now htm siging out!


Hottopicmonthly hit 100 Posts and 500 Views (why did i do that in 3rd person┬┐?)

Hey guys its HTM and I just hit 100 posts and I’m also hit 500 views I started my blog on March 29th and now I have a total of 30 followers 509 views and 100 posts currently, Thank you to everyone who has looked at my blog, favourited something, re posted, and Followed me.stepheusebi was my first follower and still following me.I wish I could follow her but she has no follow button only a via email.Thanks guys and as the usual,
Htm siging out