Starting to go more professional?

Hey guys its htm and I am thinking of doing more professional posts and I need a topic to focus on my blog,
I need some help please tell me if you have the time to comment what I blog on most and the topic I blog on most will be the main topic of my blog!
I may also change my link to a better link that does not have the .WordPress at the end. And this will be a big change and it is also going to be hard for me to produce posts since my topic is limeted,

Thats all for now htm siging out!


Q & A

Hey guys its hottopicmonthly today with a Q ‘n A,
Im shure most of u know what this is but if you dont it is something where you comment anything that is a question and ill answer it! Pretty fun hey? Yodont have to be a follower you can be anyone but i will try to answer all of them!

Well thats all and as usual Hottopicmonthly sighing out!!! XD