What shall i do on this blog???

Hey guys I really need help with my WordPress blog, I want to my blog to be more professional so I am starting a topic for my wordPress blog, feel free to leave some other topics in the comments! My WordPress blog is http://www.hottopicmonthly.wordpress.com and my other blog (Needs No Topic) is http://www.ireviewthingz.wordpress.com and please comment what you want me to do or use this poll with this link http://aminoapps.com/p/tdgec

STAY CLASSY 🌟 cuz htm siging out!


New Blog?!

Hey guys it’s hottopicmonthly and I discovered a new blogging app that personally I think is better then wordpress and allot more fun! It’s called Virtual Space and it’s a mix of Facebook and wordpress where you blog, It’s allot more friendly and fun. Please download it foot behind the scenes and exclusive posts,please look at my out other post comparing the two with their pros and cons. Oh I’m thinking of changing my ending sentence too stay calm, Stay strong, Htm signing out.