This Is Where My Name Comes In #2

Jello! It’s hottopicmonthly and this is my second ‘This is where my name comes in’ session so LEZ START!

Updates: I have a new YouTube account where I do animations about a friendly, loving and kawaii character named Jacob and his crush Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenny *dribbles* , There is also extra animations not about Jacob or Jenny such as the latest ‘Pimp my Teacher’ and more soon! So please comment ,like and subscribe on both my blog and YouTube.

Bee and Puppycat is a really cute cartoon that inspired me to make my animations, It looks like 80’s anime and is a funny version of Sailor Moon.
Plot: There is a woman named Bee and she has a very childish personality and it was a rainy day, She found this cat, but it smelt like a dog, the cat/dog was named PuppyCat and this Cat/Dog can talk and is very cute, Puppycat hates being called cute because on the inside he is a rebel (not really)
Bee has no job and Puppycat tries to apply Bee for a job but theese jobs are really whacky! Its so funny but really hard to explain but watch the halars series on YouTube! It is also made by the same people who made Adventure Time (Fredorater) and stars a famous YouTuber, Hannah Hart from ‘My Drunk Kitchen’! Also the YouTube channel that makes the animations are ‘Cartoon Hangover’

I could keep on typing and typing and typing forever but I have to stop
STAY CLASSY 🌟 cuz Hottopicmonthly is siging out!


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