Hey guys its hottopicmonthly and I am doing a rant today about stereotypes
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I really hate stereotypes because lets say if I have braces and not that many friends I am ‘apparently’ a nerd, The defenition of nerd is a smart person and just because the ‘stereotypical’ nerd has big bulky glasses and braces and I could have all of the look and the average IQ for my age I would be classified ‘NERD’

This also happens with colours, Apparently Blues and Greens are men’s colours and Pinks and Purples are women’s colours!

Lets go on the the topic childs toys, Apparently Barbies and toys coloured in pink are girly toys are ONLY for girls! So what if a boy wanted a barbie doll or a ‘girly’ toy and so what if a girl wanted a spiderman costume or a nerf gun? They are apparently ‘BOYS TOYS’

I am going to end it here, Remember you can always join the convosation below in the comments and please also leave a like, repost or a follow to encourage me to do more posts!
STAY CLASSY 🌟 cuz htm siging out! ⊙ω⊙


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