HTM’s Top 10’s + Baby TV Shows

Hey guys it’s hottopicmothly and I am going to do a top 10 tens list!
The top ten topic today is top 10 baby television shows!
Remember you can always leave a suggestion of what I should do as my top 10 topic next time, You can also leave a like, follow or a GOLDEN Repost and that will definitely influence me to make alot more blog posts.

Lets start!
10: Telletubbies. Creepy, Just Creepy,
9: Lazy Town, Apparently you have sonic speed if you eat an 
8: Hello Kitty!!! SO KAWAII
6: Sesame Street! With ELMO
5: Fireman Sam, CUZ I CAN
4: Postman Pat, CUZ I CAN (2)
3: Peppa Pig, *SNORT*
2: My Little Pony, YOU BRONIES = THE REAL MVP!!!
1: Dora the Explora! This is the best baby tv show because… Its just awesome

Thats all for now! The top tens will get better and please leave me a like, comment, repost or a follow!
STAY CLASSY 🌟 cuz htm siging out!


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