New Emojis Comming Out?

Hey guys its hottopicmothly and I recently discoverd that there are going to be 250+ new emojis! Including the most wanted emoji the middle finger emoji!!!

I really hope there are some emo emojis and some hipster emojis too! I also want a faceplam and a crossing fingers because the praying hands emoji 🙏 just sometimes seems aqward to use! Agree with me?

Anyways I bet most of the emojis ar gonna be the most weird and ripped off emojis like a blushie face with a tini peice of sweat!

Oh well I still cant wait for these new emojis and join the conversation in the comments section, Like and please follow to make this guy happy 😑 !!!!!

Hottopicmonthly siging out 👌


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