Virtualspace vs WordPress

Hey guys it’s htm with a contest about two blogging sites and which one is better? I use both of these sites and they are both great so here we start.

Best Design: Virtual Space
Best Layout: WordPress
Best Poll Maker (They Both Make Polls) : Virtual Space
Bigger Community: WordPress
More Friendly: Virtual Space
Better Commenting System: Virtual Space ( They also have a messaging system)
More Fun: Virtual Space ( Because they have topics like Chain games, Anime & Creativity unlike WP, WP has topics like Events, Video and News)
Better Sharing: WordPress because it connects to other social medias
Better chance of getting popular: Virtual Space because you can make clubs example Anime Clubs
Better Hash tag system: VirualSpace

So it looks like VirualSpace won. Tell me if I should keep my word press blog or delete it and only use my VirualSpace blog, Keep Calm, Stay Strong htm signing out.


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