Graal Online App Review

Hey guys its hottopicmonthly and I lurve this app called Graal Online,Ots where you have bombs and arrows , swords and bug catchers and you find other players and join guilds to team up and have a better reputation than other players, The bug catcher is an item you find and catch bugs and send them to a witch and she gives you ‘Gralats’ depending how rare the bug or insect is. Gralats is the game currency and when you have enough you can buy refills for your bombs and arrows, Get a house ,pay rent for the house,Buy items for the house, buy morphs for your avatar, buy horses, buy hats and acsessories to your avatar ( you get a giant closet of clothes at the start ), Buy burgers, chat privatly and in a group,Even propose to another player ( no jks there is an feature. EWWWWWW!!!) and more. You can also gain gralats buy farming and cutting down plants and hedges, There are clothing codes you find online or some people have code shops. You have a bio that you write you description and you can code it so you can change the font, size, text , bio backround ,add gifs and more.When you see this app in the android store or app store it looks horrible but its my favourite game on my ipad.WARNING: You are playing with live players so dont curse and bully.
My username is hottopicmonthly (suprize suprize) and I am not the girl one im the boy avatar.
Well thats all ive got to say and add your Graal username in the comments,rember to favourite & Follow for more htm siging out.
Oh PS its also on computer and I think facebook


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