The story of my Guinea Pig

Hey guys I was going to do a potw(pic if the week) today but I didn’t bother.Well here is the story of my guinea pig,One Christmas I got my pig and his name was Pepsi (So origianal) anyway we kept him for roughly 5 months and we on purposely chopped the pigs head of jk jk jk jks plz don’t take that seriously only people with no souls do that we sent him to a zoo that had a special place with guinea pigs so it was like they would be treated at a home not with tigers (I think) jks btw comment how many times I’ve said jks or jk and win a shout out.It will happen only if 5+ people enter, anyway I sent him to a zoo that looked after guinea pigs and probably will have a better time because there is more giunea pigs ,that’s all guys see you tomorrow or the day after that htm signing out.


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