Whats on my ipad second clip

Little alchemist is a card based game that is 4+


Fright Fight is probaly the most scary app I have.Well but none of my apps are scary to give you nightmares.Its 9+.BTW its the closest app that is like Super Smash Brawl on IOS

Terreria is a 2D minecraftish sandbox and i think 4+

Now up to my folders is 4+ pic collage.I use pic collage for most of my posts on my Blog e.g Cake art and who looks better in Red Lipstick


I love photo editing and i am a newbie with Photoshop on the computer so i got phoshop ipad edition.Its 4+ but i dont recomend this game for a four year old.

Brother print and scan is more for my printer.its 4+ and allows me to print from my Ipad mini.

Quiz up is a 4+ app that is trivia based with over 350 choices.You verse people around the world on things that you like.


Fiverr is a app that is 4+ and you do things for five dollars and people buy it or use you for a spokeperson.I dont use it for making money I use it to get creative.If you dont know what i mean here is a pic

I hope you enjoyed this.I saw iJustine do this on youtube so I did it on a blog.its hottopicmonthly bye!!!


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