This Is Where My Name Comes In #2

Jello! It’s hottopicmonthly and this is my second ‘This is where my name comes in’ session so LEZ START!

Updates: I have a new YouTube account where I do animations about a friendly, loving and kawaii character named Jacob and his crush Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenny *dribbles* , There is also extra animations not about Jacob or Jenny such as the latest ‘Pimp my Teacher’ and more soon! So please comment ,like and subscribe on both my blog and YouTube.

Bee and Puppycat is a really cute cartoon that inspired me to make my animations, It looks like 80’s anime and is a funny version of Sailor Moon.
Plot: There is a woman named Bee and she has a very childish personality and it was a rainy day, She found this cat, but it smelt like a dog, the cat/dog was named PuppyCat and this Cat/Dog can talk and is very cute, Puppycat hates being called cute because on the inside he is a rebel (not really)
Bee has no job and Puppycat tries to apply Bee for a job but theese jobs are really whacky! Its so funny but really hard to explain but watch the halars series on YouTube! It is also made by the same people who made Adventure Time (Fredorater) and stars a famous YouTuber, Hannah Hart from ‘My Drunk Kitchen’! Also the YouTube channel that makes the animations are ‘Cartoon Hangover’

I could keep on typing and typing and typing forever but I have to stop
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Htm’s Top 10’s #2 + iOS Video Games

Hey guys it’s hottopicmonthly and today I am going to do a top 10 like I did one or two weeks ago, the top 10 topic is top 10 video games!but not any Video Games iOS video games, these games are very different to Video Games on a computer or a gaming system. LETS GO!

10. Snap City HD, Virtual World

9. Growtopia! 2D ,Multiplayer Minecraft (Now sadly greifers have kynda took over)

8. Aurasma, Its super fun making a IRL treasure hunt or getting billions of dinosaurs and making yourself poop bricks

7. Crossy Road = Hours of rage xD + Frogger like AND U CAN BE FREAKIN DOGE!!!!!!!

6. Sims FreePlay! (I quitted this game because I was getting addicted) I reviewed this on my rewiew blog so check that here
5. Cubic Castles, If Nintendo made mine craft it would be like this,
Is very fun and it is also Multiplayer, most of my games on Multiplayer because I love social

4. GraalOnline+. This eight bit game is very fun, you can get married, by a room, chat to people, and then as your friend, change how you look, fight to the death, Use science arrows and Barnes, turn into things like rats and ride horses . This game is amazing in general

3. Order of Chaos, this game is a fighting based game way you can fight massive bosses and complete quest with friends that ar online!!! This is so much like a computer game its not funny,

2. Moviestar planet! This game is a very fun, interesting, creative & social virtual world, you are a movie star with millions of players And you can make movies with other stars and make things called Art books,Art books are posters that you make on the game, you can also post photos of things and you can make your own clothes and you can also buy clothes, you can have a pet and also you can make your own room by buying furniture from the shop and placing it in your room, you can always change your look on the game in the shop, some shops are A general shop for clothing, music shop for your movies to put in the background, animation shop so when you are doing your movies you can animate and you can use these animations in the chat rooms, there is also a beauty salon where you can change your eyes lips and can become friends best friends and have a bestest friend on the game, Now let’s talk about these so called Catbird is the way you meet players and talk to them and use your animations, wow this is basically turning into a review! Please explore this game for yourself,

1. Minecraft PE!!! In this game never gets old, I am pretty sure you know this game because it is always number one on the App Store. I am talking about the full version with all types of stuff but you can purchase the free version.

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Hey guys its hottopicmonthly and I am doing a rant today about stereotypes
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I really hate stereotypes because lets say if I have braces and not that many friends I am ‘apparently’ a nerd, The defenition of nerd is a smart person and just because the ‘stereotypical’ nerd has big bulky glasses and braces and I could have all of the look and the average IQ for my age I would be classified ‘NERD’

This also happens with colours, Apparently Blues and Greens are men’s colours and Pinks and Purples are women’s colours!

Lets go on the the topic childs toys, Apparently Barbies and toys coloured in pink are girly toys are ONLY for girls! So what if a boy wanted a barbie doll or a ‘girly’ toy and so what if a girl wanted a spiderman costume or a nerf gun? They are apparently ‘BOYS TOYS’

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Hey guys its hottopicmonthly and today I will be doing the brand new session ‘This is Where my name comes in!’ What I blog about in the session this is where my name comes in is what is trending and my updates cuz im KNOWN for my updates!

UPDATES: Nothin’ so far but I have no WIFI theese are all scheduled posts.

Trend: 2015!!!
I hope all you guys had a amazing year (2014) because I had one and I hope you have a amaze-amazing 2015!!! I know this post is super late and most likely filled with typos just

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HTM’s Top 10’s + Baby TV Shows

Hey guys it’s hottopicmothly and I am going to do a top 10 tens list!
The top ten topic today is top 10 baby television shows!
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Hey guys its hottopicmonthly and I am so sorry but I am doing so many updates,
And dis is ANOTHER one of my updates, LES ALL GET THIS STRAIT NOW!!! *SASSYPOSE

No. 1 I will TRY to contact google how when you search up ‘hottopicmonthly’ it thinks the person typing hottopicmonthly is typing hot topic monthly and also when you click thie think below where it says ‘did you mean to say hot topic monthly?’ how it comes up with all of my accounts, The order it comes up in is:
Wiki page -dosent work-
JordanC’s interview of me -please follow him he is amazingly nice + he does awesome sace posts-
Friends post he made about me -quit WP-
My blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In other words *speechless errr… Umm

No. 2 I will have topics to post about on a certain day πŸ˜€ My topics will be:
‘This is where my name comes in’ :A session where I say what is trending in the world and I WILL listen to your suggestions you leave in the comments
‘QOTW -Quote of the week-‘ :A session where I get a quote, share it -Quote + Author- and you comment the meaning of the quote and I wont say on my quote posts my greeting and my end
Htm’s top 10’s :A session where I do TOPTENS!!! FABULUS

No. 3 I will scedual!!!

No. 4 I seariously love my followers so much and some day -no day- I hope, hope, hope -24 hours later *spongebob commentater voice- hope, hope, hope & hope I will have legit fangirls πŸ’ …DAMN

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What shall i do on this blog???

Hey guys I really need help with my WordPress blog, I want to my blog to be more professional so I am starting a topic for my wordPress blog, feel free to leave some other topics in the comments! My WordPress blog is and my other blog (Needs No Topic) is and please comment what you want me to do or use this poll with this link

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